Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top Ten (Non-health) Reasons to Run (Again) this New Year

You don’t have to be convinced that running is good for you.  But why are you not running?!  You lost it, huh? And can’t seem to find the motivation?

Here are some reasons that will get you running (again). But none of the proverbial health benefits because you already know by heart that running is good for you. My top ten non-health reasons for running are:

1. Check out new running gear. Go to your favorite sports or running store and shop for a new technical shirt, windbreaker, pair of running shoes, or maybe that GPS watch.

2. Do a get away. Take a break from the couch, the kitchen, the office chair! Forget about your usual route. Get away from the old and explore a new destination run to rave about.

3. Think “no excuses”.  If you think you’re super busy to run, then know that there’s someone busier than you who’s running right now.  Yes, you can find time to run!

4. Choose the better option.  A 65-year old man decided to take on running late in his life. Asked why, he replied, “It’s better than sitting on a rocking chair.”

5. Brag! Surely you have the right! Run so you can post something on social media. See how many likes or hits you get. For all you know, you might be able to get someone to copy you and run!

6. Just sign up. If you haven’t yet, try registering for an organized race. Running is as social as it is an individual endeavor.  Or if you’ve ran a race before, do yourself a favor, sign up and read reason #5.

7. Try with music. I’ve field tested this one. Got my phone and turned on Pandora.  I ran easy while enjoying my music. Before I knew it, I covered lots of miles!  I don’t do it on races but it works. Yes I’m a believer. But no I don’t listen to Justin Bieber.

8. Try with friend or family. If you’ve been running lonesome, try dragging a friend along. Or a family member. Look for new people to run with you.  Or consider a running group.

9. Think restart.  That means feel good about going back to your default settings; going back to baseline. Forget about how fast and how far you could already run. Just feel comfortable about starting over and go from there.

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10. Run for love. So many external reasons, but in the end, the long lasting motivation comes from within. Dig deep. Run for a cause. Run for a loved one.  And then let them know about it.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!