Sunday, January 29, 2012

Whatever It Takes

You can do it!

One more mile to go!

Dig, dig, dig!

You hear all kinds of cheer and motivation from the crowd to help you get to the finish line with all that you've got.  But sometimes, because of exhaustion, your wit's end gets the better of you; and you think that all these people lining the finish line are being sarcastic. And you start to think - oh yah, why don't you try to run in my shoes!

Oh yes, I've felt the same thing in a lot of my races. I know what it feels to push it and dig deep to reach the finish line - whatever it takes!  The crowd's cheers may not be working for you at that moment; but I'm sure you are also finding a way to finish the race - whatever it takes! Ultimately, one thing, a combination of things, or all of it will bring you to a glorious finish.

Lately I went through a running slump, a praying slump, and a writing slump.  I am not short of the cheers and support by family and friends and readers but I was still having a hard time to get back up.  However, I think all the support and prayers are falling into place.  I resumed running my regular mileage; I'm able to revive my praying, and I'm back to writing posts - this is my first, after 29 days of no writing. 

Whatever it takes.  But what did it take to get me back?  Quite a few.  A few significant facebook posts from friends.  Friends who are running and praying for me.  My son.  And of course, remembering my wife - I believe she is inspiring me to keep on going, to persevere, and to continue with this ministry.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Running To Pray

A reason to run this New Year:  Praying.

There are many ways to define prayer, but my favorite one is from Thomas Merton, a contemporary Trappist monk. He said, “Prayer is the desire to pray.”

You could be walking, driving, cooking, or doing the laundry, and still have a desire to pray as you would when you are kneeling quietly in church in prayer. In the same manner, you could also run and pray at the same time.

Start by having a desire to pray. Yearn for God’s presence  - from the moment you tie your shoes.  Seek to be in communion with Him - as you meet the road or trail (or the treadmill). When you get distracted, this most likely will happen as you run, simply remember your intention every time.

Start with this way of praying when you run. It is called the “prayer of the heart.”

There are other ways to make your runs more prayerful and I will write about them in my succeeding posts. Let me know how this works for you as you start your running resolution.  Carry on and God speed!