Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Beginnings

My running has taken me to different places of interest as wells as states of mind. A most memorable one was in December of 2005 when I was running the California International Marathon in Sacramento. As I was running the last 6 miles, I knew I had to draw strength from another source. My glycogen levels were depleted and I was felt breathless on every stride. Then I ran past a Catholic church. In an instant, I felt motivated to keep going. I started to pray the rosary as I huffed and puffed. Before I knew it, Mile 26 was just around the corner. Only 385 yards to go. I had a great finish. Praying kept me going. It so inspired me that in the next race, the Napa Valley Marathon, I lined up in my mind 26 significant people in my life. One person for each mile of the race, I thought about and prayed for. The last mile of that race, I thought about my family - my wife and my son - I prayed for them, for us. And it brought me to the finish line. I ran through the pain of achy and tired legs because I wanted to see them already. These are two of my most memorable races that inspired me to be a prayerful runner.

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