Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Run

Father's Day Run 2011
This race was run in loving memory of my father and my father-in-law.  It's also dedicated to all fathers, including myself.  May they live like the life and virtues of St. Joseph, a loving father and  patient worker (he was a carpenter) who showed humility, simplicity, piety, and prayerfulness in everything that he did.

This race is also dedicated in loving memory of my wife.  This is the same race that she ran the last.  Back in 2006, she was set to improve her personal best 10k to under an hour.  However, she even almost did not finish the race.  She complained of difficulty breathing and coughing during the race.  A month earlier she was bothered by this coughing that wouldn't go away and dismissed it as a bad allergy. But the runner that she is, she went on to finish the race in 1 hour 14 mins.  Later on in the month, after a few visits to the doctor and x-rays, she was told that her cancer came back and has spread to her lungs.  More tests later on showed that it has also spread to her liver, bones, and brain.  She survived that year and 4 more - fighting and not giving up.  We also  kept going back to this race every year - and she always went to see me run.  Last year's race in 2010 was the last race she could physically able to go with me.  But I know, she was with me in spirit this year.

Father's Day Run 2010
To my beloved wife, this race was for you.  I cherished every part of this event, including eating brunch at your favorite restaurant in downtown Pleasanton.  I especially remembered you on the race on that last turn before Mile 6.  Five years ago, I worried while I waited for you at the finish line.  So I ran the reverse of the race to look for you and there I saw you at the same turn - very tired yet gracefully persevering and fighting to the finish and happy and smiling to see me.  I miss you, Jinky.  I miss you so much.  I love you so much.


  1. This a wonderful idea for a memorial run Jose! Good for you ~ I'm sure that those you ran in memory of were all cheering you on in the best seats in the house :-)

    Hope you had an enjoyable Father's Day!

  2. my eyes are now brimming with happy tears remembering jinky's joyful heart. she will always be an inspiration. thanks for sharing this beautiful piece. happy father's day, joey!