Monday, August 15, 2011

Forgiveness Run

I remember one afternoon I took off running with a heavy heart. I had an argument with my teenager son. I was so ticked off that I just lashed out at him. At hindsight, my anger seemed to be out of proportion, more so because my son remained quiet as a lamb during my speech of furor. I eventually walked away from him to calm myself down. I was scheduled to run later that evening but decided to do go right then.

"I lost control again," ran to my mind as I ran. I felt bad about throwing a fit about something I could more calmly and perhaps even more effectively send my message across to him. And besides, he already apologized for his mistake and he did ask for forgiveness.  I pondered over this as I ran and I started to mellow down.  I also thought about the Parable of the Lost Son.  Luke 15: 11-32. Remember in this parable, the father was so happy when he saw his son from afar that he ran down the road toward him and then embraced him.

As I ran, I prayed for God's grace of forgiveness - to ask for His forgiveness for my sins and to forgive others. I imagined myself right then on the road and God running towards me with open arms.  I felt the breeze against my face, my breathing became steady and calm, my strides more even. Before I knew it, I was on my way back home from a 6-mile run. It was a gentle downhill and I said a prayer of thanksgiving as I glided to a stop.  Then I walked for a block to cool down up until I reached home. I went in to see my son, who is always glad to see me back from a run. I apologized for my behaviors earlier and asked for his forgiveness. And he said, "It's okay, Dad. How was your run?"

I call it a "Forgiveness Run." You can contemplate about actions of yours and others that need forgiveness; but moreover, you can contemplate about God's limitless love.  As you run, trust that the Father is always waiting and read to run to meet you down the road.

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