Monday, November 28, 2011

Be Watchful

During the late fall and winter season, the sun down catches me still on the road running. This is when I'm extra alert and mindful of my surroundings when I run. When it's dark on the busy roads, I can never be too careful with watching my steps and crossing the street and just being super watchful.

As we start the Christmas season, the Gospel reading on the First Sunday of Advent reminds us of the need for watchfulness. Nobody knows when the time or our time will come. So, the Gospel emphasizes the need to be prepared. And there is no better time to prepare our hearts for Christ's coming than this Christmas season.

One way you could prepare yourself is to find God's presence in everything you do. Running can help you become more mindful of God's presence. For example, while running, pray the rosary, repeat your favorite Bible verse as you breath in and out, ponder on your blessings for the days, or pray for someone you love today. And when extraneous thoughts or road hazards distract you, return to your prayerful mode - remind yourself of God's presence in everything. This is what really means to be watchful.

This Christmas, I am dedicating all my runs in prayer for you and your special intentions. I also offer my runs in loving memory of my wife who I am missing so painfully this Christmas season. You can support me by praying for me as well. And if you are so inspired, do a prayer run, too.

So, on this First Sunday of Advent, I am happy to offer you my Christmas gift of prayer...


  1. Your Christmas card is beautiful! All my runs are prayer runs. I think it is the only way that I could run! When it gets difficult running I will especially offer that for you. I always have you in my intentions. I am glad that I have found a runner who is not only Catholic but also very dedicated to prayer! I pray for your healing at this time and I always ask your beloved wife to help me run!

  2. Thank you so much! Your message encourages me to keep my ministry going. Thank you for your prayers for I need a lot of prayers to keep me physically strong and spiritually fortified. And yes my wife is helping us all - I can tell she is also grateful for your prayers for her and to her as she goes through her own journey to an eternal life with God. God bless you and God speed!