Tuesday, March 20, 2012

26 Pink Rose Run

On March 25th, 2012 in the Oakland Marathon in California, I will run 26.2 miles in honor and in prayer for 26 women with breast cancer. I will bring with me 26 pink roses and offer a rose and a mile for each of them in prayer for strength, healing, and thanksgiving.

Show your support by pledging to run/walk and pray for these 26 women of courage. Keep them in your thoughts as you offer your walk or run in prayer. Start by thanking God for your own health, then go for your walk or run reflecting on God's healing compassion. You can also read their names in your prayer.

I am not raising funds; but I am raising prayers. The more people, the greater our voice will be in prayer. So you can also show your support by sharing this page or asking others to pray.

Post here, email me at prayingrunner@gmail.com, or post at Praying Runner Facebook Page your pledge to pray or praying run/walk. "Thus says the Lord...I have heard your prayers and seen your tears. I will heal you." (Isaiah 38:5).

Let Us Pray for 26 Women of Courage

Mile 1 - Remedios D.
Mile 2 - Betty
Mile 3 - Aunt Rose
Mile 4 - Mom of John's daughter
Mile 5 - SW
Mile 6 - Lorie
Mile 7 - Janet R.
Mile 8 - Eleanor R.
Mile 9 - Renee M.
Mile 10 - Cherry M.
Mile 11 - Kristin B.
Mile 12 - Mavel G.
Mile 13 - Lucybel A.
Mile 14 - Shanya S.
Mile 15 - Norma S.
Mile 16 - Diana B.
Mile 17 - Aunt Jaya
Mile 18 - Lovely D.
Mile 19 - Lourdes F.
Mile 20 - Lina T.
Mile 21 - Eleanor L.
Mile 22 - Ilda C.
Mile 23 - Becca A.
Mile 24 - Lourdes L.
Mile 25 - Nelia S.
Mile 26 - Suzette P.

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