Sunday, December 30, 2012

NOT Your Health

Nobody can take your health away from you,
but don't take it for granted either.
Unlike property, nobody can take your health away from you. You don’t owe anybody your body. But you can’t sell or get rid of it either. You own it, imperfections and all.

That being said, you really need to take care of your body’s health. It’s a very important aspect of your life, to say the least. A lot of your daily activities actually revolve around your body’s health. 

Unfortunately, our health is often taken for granted. I was talking to a friend one day who said that he is very busy all day long. He works 8 to 5, then takes the kids to soccer practice, and gets dinner ready when they arrive home. Before he knows it, he’s so wiped out. Sure he knows the importance of health, but who’s got the time to exercise?

Well, remember this – somebody right now who is busier than my friend shall find the time to exercise during the day.

The people who find time to exercise have ranked exercise high on their priority list along with going to work, taking care of the kids, and doing chores at home. The idea is that whatever activity keeps you really occupied, exercise needs to be seen in the same light.

In the New Year 2013, they say that a return in the normal housing market is unlikely. However, it could be better when it comes to your personal home front. This new year, make it happen – put one bright spot in your life this year which you could act actually take charge of…

Here’s what PrayingRunner wants you to do for 2013 –

Put your health higher in the totem pole of your time.  At least, don’t give it as an excuse that you don’t have time to exercise because you’re busy. Your body is yours for your lifetime. Though nobody can foreclose it on you, you do have obligations to take care of it.

Here’s what PrayingRunner can do for you in 2013 –

I shall continue to pray for your special intentions, inspire you, encourage you, give you tips, run for you, and if ever possible, train or run with you.

Have a Blessed New Year 2013 and God speed!

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