Friday, July 23, 2010

Headache at the Expo

Man oh man! This is my 5th San Francisco Marathon but this is the first time I've seen it this crowded at the Expo. I enjoyed going to their Expos because of everything that it offers to runners. I'd set aside a good amount of the Race Weekend to spend at the Expo. But not today. Today I had a terrible headache.

Was it the crowded place, the long lines, the heat inside the Expo, or a combination of all these? Most of the races are sold out so that means lots of runners. I went there first thing on Friday, the first day of the Expo to avoid the rush, but lo and behold, there was a long line of people snaking around the block waiting to get inside the Expo. Inside, there were lines on every race on every step on every 10,000th bib number. Unbelievable! As I walked my way out of the expo, I stopped by the Loyal Runner table to get my Loyal Runner Water Bottle (I love water bottles! :) ). It was the table with the shortest line but but the slowest to move. There was only one volunteer behind the table and she was doing multiple jobs. I thank God for her volunteerism. But my headache was uncontainable so I decided to bail out of my line. Besides I had to get out of the city before rush hour to get home in time. I still had to pick up my son from his practice.

There's gotta be a better time to get to the Expo for me next time. I am going first thing tomorrow is a good time, which I was what I used to do in previous expos. Anyway, that's life. At least tomorrow I will be looking forward to a pre-race time out to relax and enjoy the city my wife and son. I absolute have no time post-race because I have to bring my son to another one of his practices as soon as I cross the finish line, believe it or not!

My headache's gone now as I write this post. One thing I'm looking forward to is to go to church and hear Mass with my family at St. Patrick's Church in the city. I will offer my race as a prayer. And in my prayer will be thoughts for all the very important people in my life. Looking forward to a prayerful run in San Francisco!

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