Monday, August 9, 2010

Run to Relax

No second thought, I just geared up and took off running.

I decided to stop after working in front of the computer for straight 8 hours. It was almost twilight so I figured it was a good time to go before it gets complete dark outside. The work I did was mentally draining. I could feel a bit stressed out too because I didn't think it would take me this long to finish it. I also had a choice to do other things to relax my self, like watching TV, but I decided to run. I said to myself that I could feel relaxed as I run.

On a busy day like today, I typically do a workout to relieve stress and pressure. I take it all out on the treadmill like somebody would a punching bag. On runs like these, I could feel the tension and arousement running through my body during the workout.

But today I wanted to feel relaxed as I run even though I'd exert a lot of effort. I visualized myself going to a place of quiet where I can feel at peace. The place I went to was a place of prayer. I automatically declared my intent to pray during the run. As I went through the steps of becoming aware of my breathing, my footsteps, the feel of the breeze, the touch of the sun rays on my skin, and the sight of the foliage of trees I pass by, I put myself in God's presence. I slowly opened my hands up as I swung my arms gently as I run. I felt calm as I kept on running. I let thoughts and sights distract me a bit. Then I see my palms up as I run and they lead me back to my desire to pray during this run.

The inspiration that came to me was "letting go." I let go all of my worries, frustration, anxieties, fears, and tension. I offered them all to God. I should not worry about anything, but instead pray for everything. God knows what I need and He will never forsake me. I cast my burden upon Him and allow Him to lead me to His path. As these thoughts filled me, I felt at peace during the run. My strides were fluid and my feet light.

As I finished my run, I became aware of the time. It went by fast yet I had already covered 6.2 miles. It was a relaxed run and a relaxing one, too. I thanked God for the experience and asked for His grace to keep me going especially during busy days. Running doesn't have to be another tiring activity after an already stressful day, it could also feel like a place to retreat, relax, and pray your worries away.

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