Friday, October 15, 2010

"To not do your best is to waste the gift."

My son Timothy quoted Steve Prefontaine in his tribute to his cross country coach on his last year as coach for the school team. His coach told him to alway do his best. He has been with his coach for the last 7 years. My son started from the back of the pack to become one of the lead runners in the diocese. In his last season for cross country, he finished 6th overall out of more than 180 runners in his division. Every run, he said, he did his best for God and and for his coach.

This weekend, I have a couple of really good friends who will also be doing their best and not wasting the gift (of health, I would say).

God speed to Annabel, Barb, and Barbie who will run the Nike Women's in San Francisco, CA and Rolando who will run his first half marathon in Long Beach, CA. May your run be filled with blessings and may you find peace and joy in every mile marker you pass. Do your best and don't waste the gift! Have fun out there!

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