Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy Run

It was pouring last night exactly what the weather report said.  Heavy rains with gusty winds.  The streets of Antioch were drenched.  Puddles of rainwater on the sidewalks and gutters were overflowing in a few street corners.   Cars whooshed on the wet roads and splashed on waterlogged areas as the commuters rush to get home.  But there I was running on the road in the middle of the stormy night.  I could see a few drivers looking at me and probably thinking. "Are you serious?"

Yup.  That's me running.  I actually enjoy running in the rain.  It brings out both the playfulness and toughness in me.  It brings back childhood memories of playing the rain and getting drenched in the open air without a care in the world.  As an adult, braving the elements of nature and making it through makes me feel tough.  But the rain also reminds of one of its particular symbolism.  Rain represents blessings.  Doesn't the line that goes "When it rains, it pours," sounds familiar to you?

My rainy run then actually made me think of the blessings I received this year 2010.  Wow, what a year it was.  As I kept running through the rain, I recalled some of my blessings.  I completed six marathons this year.  My wife survived three emergency room visits.  We sold our house.  My son turned 14.  He received a scholarship. I kept my job. I received two grant approvals. I stayed healthy.  Wow!  I just kept running and said a prayer of thanksgiving.  Being soaking wet in the rain felt good as I thought about these blessings.  Thank you, God!  It was good rainy run.  A good way to reminisce this year that's about to pass.  No more rain the forecast for the remainder of the days, but I sure pray for more blessings in 2011.

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