Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Are Your Goals?

"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another." -- John Dewey

I've done 21 marathons and I'm on the road to do 29 more when I turn 50 years old.  That's my 50 by 50 goal.  A friend of mine teased me and asked why not just do one marathon a month.  I replied, "That will be my goal after 50."

It's a lifestyle now.  I do it for my health and to keep me motivated.  The number of marathons is just a goal but arriving at it is just as motivating and exciting for me.  Hence, for every race I do, my last step on the finish line is also the first step of my training for the next.

Lately I also set a spiritual goal for myself.  However, my spiritual goal is written differently than a running goal which is quantifiable.  It is phrased in form of a prayer.  It is a prayer that I think will help me become more aware of God's presence and His work in everything in my life.  "Lord, increase my faith and protect me from all anxieties.  I offer all my works, joys, and sufferings for the day.  Amen."  This goal is my direction, my desire, my prayer.  I may never arrive at its full completion, but I will strive to attain it everyday.

When you think about your running or exercise goals, think about your heart's desire as well.  Take a moment to pray over it and ask God to lead you towards your spiritual goal.

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  1. This was really encouraging for me today!