Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sacrament(o) of Running

Just got back from a marathon in Sacramento (CIM). A capacity 9,000 strong runners in attendance, including the relay teams. Beautiful people, perfect weather, a great race in the runner-friendly city of Sacramento.

There I am in the midst of a community of runners and a crowd of cheering and supportive people. It is CIM's 29th successful running and have continuously grown in numbers and supporters. This is my 6th running of CIM and in each time I have felt the same joy and excitement of running this race.

During the run, I am honored to meet a couple of people. No less than the President of the Board of Directors of CIM, Denis Zilaf, who prayed and ran with me for a mile or so. Douglas, from Fleet Feet of Menlo Park who asked to pray for him that God lead him to an opportunity to lead a faith group in his church; and Chris W. who was inspired to pray during his runs after he saw me at a race in Half Moon Bay. He plans to run 52 half-marathons in 2012 in honor of his daughter Grace.

Most of the time though I fervently prayed and pondered in my heart all the prayer intentions that were sent to me. Praying for others during the run was where I felt a feeling of fulfillment much greater than finishing the marathon. Like a sacrament, running in Sacramento today was a reminder of God's presence in our lives and His great love for us. I thank God for being able to run with other runners today, pray with others, and pray for others.

You were always there at CIM to meet me at the finish
and take away my medal and put it around you.
Here it is, my Love. I love you and miss you so much!

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