Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Change of Direction

I like races with an out and back course. From the starting line, you run a route out up to the half-way mark, you turn around then run back the same route. In the very scenic Half Moon Bay Marathon by the Pacific Coast in California, the half-way turning point was marked by an ordinary orange cone. But that orange cone was one of the most beautiful and welcoming sight of the course. Half-way done and I'm on my way back home.

Most of my training runs are also out and back. From my house, I run out, turn around at my turning point, then back the same route. My routes have quite a few turns, but to me, the most exhilarating spot is when I reach that turning point to change direction back home.

A change of direction - isn't it something that we all want and need to do?

Today is Ash Wednesday and it marks the start of the Lenten Season.  For Christians all over the world, this is the time for retreat and repentance.  It's a time for a change of heart - a change of direction.

In observance of Lent, I will offer all my runs in prayer for all your special intentions. I will do a prayer run every day for the next 40 days until Holy Week through Easter Sunday. This is my own way of giving up something during Lent - to give up doing it myself, doing it my way; but instead letting God lead the way.

Like seeing that orange cone in the marathon, I welcome a change of direction in my life today.


  1. Please pray for my intentions. I remembered you and Jinky in my Holy Hour today. Actually I prayed for you and asked Jinky to pray for me! God bless you for all that you do for others! By the way, I am getting a little faster with my running!

    1. Always praying for you, too, and I promise to for the next 7 weeks. May Jinky intercede for us in our prayers. God bless!...and glad to hear about your running progress!