Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is There Anything For Which I Can Pray For You?

Oakland Marathon 2012
"Flower man," "flower runner," "rose runner," were just a few of the names I was called during the Oakland Marathon last week. "Is that for me," a female runner asked me. "Don't worry, you'll find her," said a runner who passed me. "Are you selling roses," shouted somebody from the crowd. It definitely made for an interesting run.

But I was there to run and pray for 26 women with breast cancer (27 actually). I stopped at every mile marker to offer a rose for each of them. A lady runner asked, "Hey can I have one of your roses?" I said, "I'd like to but I have each of my roses already named, but I can offer to pray for your special intentions."

The last thing I wanted to happen was to draw attention to the roses, but I definitely wanted others to see the roses as a reminder that God listens to our prayers. That we can show caring for people through prayer.

Carrying a rose in my hand and 26 more
in my backpack
There were a few more cancer survivors' names I received after the race to be prayed for. There were also other special intentions that were requested be prayed for, before and after the run. Please be rest assured that I keep them in my thoughts and prayers, running or not running.

I think my praying and running refines me. Like Jesus' disciple, I am sent, perhaps to make God's love and mercy, more visible to you seeing a praying runner on the road or you seeing a rose on a mile marker. Or perhaps you who just happen to read this post and to which I ask you now, "Is there anything for which I can pray for you today?"


  1. I love everything that you do! Thank you for an inspiring blog. I just awarded you the Roaring Lion and Irresistibly Sweet Blog award. Run over to my website to pick up your reward. Or just know that your deeds go unnoticed!

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  2. It is my honor to receive from you the Roaring Lion and Irresistibly Sweet Blog award. Thank you for your kind words and recognition. God speed!