Sunday, April 15, 2012


I always complained about running in pain when I start out. Today was one of those painful starts. I told my son about it when I got home and he offered me a quick solution.

“You should loosen up, Dad.”

I should listen to him because he knows what he’s talking about. He’s played all kinds of sports all his life. He also performs with a dance troupe on the side. I think he knows the importance of being flexible by heart.

Unfortunately, I am notorious for my stiffness. I can’t extend my limbs or cross my legs or reach my toes without grimacing. My lack of range of motion shows when I run. My son teases me that I run like a wobbling robot.

Pretty much, my son diagnosed correctly why I run in pain. I force my tight and knotted muscles to flex and extend abruptly when I run. My muscles are still stiff and not ready for strenuous activity. If at rest, I already lack flexibility, then it becomes worse when I try to start moving.

So today I’m embarking on working on my flexibility. I’m actually starting by being more open to change my point of view – that runners rather spend time training than stretching. Hence, starting today I would incorporate a few flexibility exercises into my training.

My pains today remind me of my own rigidity with regard to some of my old ways. I stick to old habits or worn-out notions that may limit my growth opportunities. It’s time to re-think and renew.  Easter time reminds us to be renewed…in a way, to be open to God’s prompting. God wants to give us more freedom of movement and at the same time feel more relaxed. Even when we feel anxious and tense, even more so, God wants us to feel at ease lost in His love and care. Here’s sharing with you a relaxation and awareness prayer (which also could be sung) to help us loosen the knots in our lives:

“Lose yourself in me, 
And you will find yourself. 
Lose yourself in me 
And you will find new life
Lose yourself in me` 
And you will find yourself 
And you will live, 
Yes, you will live in my love."

It's the Second Sunday of Easter. May the risen Christ stay in our hearts and let His peace and love reign in our lives.

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