Saturday, May 5, 2012

Healing A Running Injury

You've heard about different running injuries or probably even sidelined by one. Sciatica. Plantar fasciitis. Foot tendinitis. Shin splints. Iliotibial Band Syndrome or ITBS. And more. Physical injuries affecting back, feet, legs, and knees. But have you heard about an ailment affecting the mental part of your running?

Yup, there's one. It's called ISBR Syndrome or I Should Be Running-ititis. It's also known by its other name INTGBTR or I Need To Get Back To Running.

Here's a Quickguide to ISBR Syndrome:
Symptom:  Zero mileage ranging from a few weeks to a few months
How it occured:  An unusual event in your life
Likely Treatment: Mix it up, Talk it out, Find your re-start button

Okay. So I may be the first one to be diagnosed of this running injury but many runners have been afflicted at some point or currently suffering from it like me. It is potentially a running life ending injury but it doesn't have to be.

The past 15 days I'm suffering from the ISBR Syndrome. Something I can do for myself, I can't do. Something rewarding I look forward to, I don't bother. Something I like to talk about, I am speechless. All I can say to myself and to my runner friends, "I should be running."

If you find yourself in a similar mental anguish, then you also have the ISBR Syndrome. Symptoms vary from a few weeks, to a few months, sometimes even a year or two. It could also be a recurring injury. Like me, I've seen my running life go up and down like a roller coaster.

To me, the most effective treatment is finding your re-start button. You push the button and it stops the endless loop of rationalizing that you ought to be running. It restores you to your intialized state of running which could very well be a run/walk for a mile.  When you push that restart button, it clears any data of your most superb performance and  you basically tell yourself to simply get out there, enjoy, and be thankful for your health.

However, like most gadgets, our personal restart button is hard to find. It's hard to find because as runners, we are supposed to be mentally tough. We are expected to run in the most challenging conditions. But there are events that could happen to us that are larger than life. They affect not only our running but other aspects of our lives as well.

The good news is that we do have a restart button. It's there. Be kind to yourself. Have courage. Pray. Sometimes, we lose sight of what really matters the most...that God loves us for who we are; and not for what we can do.

So I've not been running for awhile, but I've kept all your intentions in my praying. Thank you, too, for your prayers for me as I continue to heal and recover from ISBR.


  1. LOVE this! I haven't been out in a while and before that, another while. Tomorrow is going to be my day to start anew-just a couple of slow miles. God willing!

  2. Sending your a motivational message to make sure you muster the mojo to go go go. Congratulate yourself for whatever distance you do. Good luck, and enjoy! :)