Thursday, August 9, 2012

Make Room

When running, especially during a race, I usually take the outer lane to make room for faster runners. I learned this first hand in one of my first fun run many years ago. I collided with a passing runner.  A few runners are courteous enough to alert you about their presence when approaching from behind. But sometimes, they seem to come from nowhere.

A trail runner friend of mine, Christopher was recently struck from behind by a speeding cyclist on a trail. The cyclist claimed that she called out. And my friend said that he actually looked over his shoulder before he crossed the path. He suffered some serious facial and back injuries due to the crash. After learning this, I now make room for both announced and unannounced passing runners and cyclists.

This is also a good practice to take on, not only in running but also in life – to make room for perils on the road. Life’s path is not always safe and predictable. And some hazards are obstructed from your view. Two years ago, when my wife was in and out of the hospital, we lost our house. But wait, there’s more! My computer with all my important documents crashed.

It reminds me about the Story of Job who endured one suffering after another. He became distraught and angry. But Job carried on because he made room. Through a life of prayer, he made room for God. He believed that in spite of the series of setbacks, God still cared about him.

My friend, Christopher also has faith like Job’s. When he was younger, as an Air Force officer, he saw action where he got lost in the vast jungles of Central America. He thought he was going to die but he navigated his way 80 miles in hostile area back to base in 5 days. Before his running accident, he just lost his Mom. He is currently recovering from his injuries and is determined to go back to running again. Christopher’s faith sustains him and his life of prayer allows him to make room to face adversities.

The past few weeks, I was requested to pray for two people who were admitted to the hospital for treatments only to pass away due to complications in the process. Kate was 26 years old and Tina turned 49 the day she died. Also, yesterday, I was on my way to visit Chris L. in a physical rehabilitation facility when I learned that she was back in the ICU again.

Make room. Be prepared at all times for God’s movement. He might just be running right next to you to keep you in pace. Then perhaps to pass you and lead the way. Make room for God.

God speed!


  1. The story of Job is so amazing in that way. I sometimes live in fear of what God will do but i think this mindset is so helpful - make room because bad things may (and do) happen but you've gotta make room for God to move.