Friday, December 24, 2010

Turn Around

I was quite hesitant to run outside today.  It was a cold winter morning with a slight wind chill factor.  I headed out anyway and went west. There was a chilly breeze that met me head on.  My hands immediately were feeling icy cold.  I kept going anyway thinking that the sun would come out behind the horizon and start thawing me out.  True enough, as I made my turn back at the third mile, the first rays of sunlight greeted to warm my face.  Gradually the air became crisp and comfortable.  I picked up my pace as I headed home.  I felt rewarded for deciding to head out today in spite of the cold weather.

My run today reminded me about the sacrament of reconciliation I went to last night.  Prior to confession, I stayed on the cold and dark path of my anger and pride issues.  I was aware I wasn't an angry person but I just let the feeling take over me for too long.  However, I wanted to turn around and head towards the right direction.  So I went to confession that night.  Just like my run this morning, the decision to turn to God for forgiveness gave me a sense of joy and relief.  I could relate my run to the meaning of repentance which comes from the Greek word "metanoia" which means "to turn around" or "to turn back".  It was a meaningful way for me to prepare for Christmas Day which is just a few days away.  I was glad I ran today and went to confession last night.

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