Sunday, October 2, 2011

Healing Run

...and praying for strength for myself. Fall has begun and the weather is changing. Days are colder and nights are longer. I can feel the sorrow creeping in me.  I've been missing and longing for my wife more - and crying more lately. I usually looked forward to the holidays coming up; I still do, but now with trepidation. How will I "celebrate"?

So in this run I prayed for the blessing of strength. I went on an 11-mile course and stopping by 8 churches in San Francisco. It was a beautiful run. I experienced an overwhelming sense of peace and grace. Seeing the church tower as I approached, entering the quiet and magnificent nave, and looking up at the altar of all the churches I visited struck me with such awe and inspiration to give praise and thanks to God. Then humbly I kneel and say a prayer to all the people who have requested for prayers. I spent a few more quiet moments to pray for my wife. Before she died, I wanted to bring her to all the churches she wanted to visit. I was too late; but here I am now, my beloved wife, visiting as many churches as I can during my runs.

Below are pictures of the churches I visited.  One picture is not of a church, but of a hospital - it was the UCSF Cancer Center where I took her to see one of the best oncologist in the country, for a second opinion, with sad results. It would be her last complete evaluation - she passed away 5 weeks later. I stopped by the entry way of the hospital and just broke down in tears. I know I needed to cry my pain.

I miss you, my Love.  Thank you, Lord, for the healing run.

Saints Peter and Paul at Mile 2.1

St Francis Xavier at Mile 2.4

St. Mary's Cathedral at Mile 3.07

Notre Dame Des Victoires at Mile 2.7

St. Patrick's at Mile 3.7

St. Boniface at Mile 4.7

St. Joseph Roman at Mile 6.2

UCSF Cancer Center at Mile 7.8

St. Dominic's at Mile 8.0

St. Mary of the Assumption at Mile 8.7


  1. The churches are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I can only imagine your grief and will keep you in my prayers. Your faith and love for your wife are a great witness to us all. Maybe you could also pray for all couples to truly live the Sacrament of their marriage!
    God bless!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. And yes I will pray for all couples to be a living sacrament of God's love. As a matter of fact, in one of the churches (St. Dominic's), a wedding mass was being celebrated; then at another church (St. Patrick's), a mass for a 50th wedding anniversary was being held. To be married that long was our dream; but to love till death do us part was our vow. May God bless all marriages!