Monday, October 31, 2011

Send Off

This is the second part of my All Souls Day Run, remembering and praying for our dearly departed. I received 43 names to pray for. Including 4 of my own, I am running 47 miles in honor and in memory of 47 loved ones.  (More on

Change of plans. At the last minute, I had to drive to Oakland, CA to take my son and his friends to a dance practice. So before I left home, I quickly mapped a route to run in Oakland while I wait for them to finish. I charted 2 churches in 5.6 miles.

When I arrived at my son's venue, one of the dads present there (also a runner) helped me out with directions in my route. Another dad warned me of the ongoing "Occupy Oakland" protests, and another dad bid me a safe run. Two moms gave me a hug before I took off. It was a nice send off by people who cared. I heart-fully appreciated it a lot. I ran alone but I didn't feel lonely. I knew that I was in people's thoughts when I left.

I took all 47 names with me today, this time, written in my notebook of prayer requests. I read all the names as I ran (during traffic stops while waiting for the green light) and when I stopped at the two churches:  Sacred Heart Church and St. Leo the Great Church. I also read a prayer for the deceased for each of the names.

Sacred Heart Church in Oakland, CA at Mile 2.2

Church of St. Leo the Great in Oakland, CA at Mile 3.2

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