Friday, December 23, 2011

Running with Open Hands

Lightly clenched fist, cupped hands like holding a potato chip without crushing it. This is a usual description of the hands in the proper running form.

How about running open handed, palms facing up? I do this sometimes when during my prayer runs, my praying becomes fervent. Yesterday, finding myself outdoors and running during a tough time grieving this Christmas season, I felt very thankful. Warmed by the sunshine and carried by the cool breeze, running lightly on a quiet trail, I opened my running hands and broke into reciting this prayer - A Prayer for Generosity.

Dearest Lord, Teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve you as I should. To give and not to count the cost. To fight and not to heed the wounds. To toil and not to seek for rest. To labor and ask not for reward. Save that of knowing, that I do Your most holy will.
Running with open hands. Not the best for your running form. But in a prayerful moment, it is a fitting gesture of thanksgiving and in my run today, a symbol of generosity. I ask the Lord to teach me to be more generous in my work to minister to others and in my life in general.

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