Friday, December 30, 2011

3 Ways To A More Resolute Running (Part 3)

1. Consistency vs. Mileage

2. Eating Healthy vs. A Weight Loss Diet Plan

3. Habit vs. Hobby

I did not run today because…

A.  “I’m too tired!”
B.  “I’m too busy.”
C.  “It’s too hard.”

If your answer is A, of course running will get you even more tired. But remember, running will also improve your aerobic capacity which will increase your endurance for your day’s activities. Eventually you will feel more energetic like at work and less tired at the end of the day.

If your answer is B, then it shows that running is not in the higher rungs of your ladder of priorities.  Your resolve to take on running this New Year will soon fade away. If you consider running only when you have some spare time, like a hobby or special interest, your running resolve will not get very far.

If your answer is C, then you’re off to a good start towards a more resolute running this year.

For your running resolution to lift off this New Year, you need to bump it up higher in your list of important things. In addition, it is also essential to recognize that this will take a very personal and internal desire to do it and do it repeatedly.  You want to make running a habit in your life.

Sometimes, starting a new habit means breaking old ones. Old habits are deeply imbedded in our routine.  It will take tremendous willpower to break out of the pull of old tendencies like making excuses, procrastination, and impatience. Starting a habit is like flying a space shuttle according to Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." It takes a lot of energy in launching it in the beginning. In fact more exertion is spent in the first few miles of lift-off than in the next thousands of miles of journey around the earth. Once you break out of the gravity pull, soaring in the sky takes less effort.  This New Year, as you start running, expect some challenges but persevere. Eventually, like looking at the earth from space, your view on running will take on a whole new dimension.

My wish for you this New Year is to find that new perspective on running.  Discover your reason/s for running. If you don’t mind, write to me about it.

And if you are so inspired to take on running as a resolution this New Year but unsure of a reason, I like to suggest and share mine:  Praying.

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  1. Great advice in all your posts! Thanks, I needed to be reminded of a few things!