Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rediscovering Running

Sometimes I wish that I was a Praying Scrapbooker or a Praying Stamp Collector, instead of a Praying Runner. Running is more physically demanding compared to activities like scrapbooking and stamp collecting. It can become daunting  that sometimes I struggle to complete a run and that I don't find it enjoyable anymore. Lately, I was disappointed at myself so much so that I took some time off to rediscover why I run.

I run because I enjoy the feeling of achievement every time I finish a run. I set a goal, work hard, and review my progress. I like to line up my races for the year, record my running mileage, and count my medals.

However, many times, my running life is not that all successful. Recently, I looked at my running log for the past few months and saw that I had long periods of zero running followed by a resurgence of continuous running. For example, 0 miles for 10 days then 360 miles for the next 55 days, then 0 miles for the next 5 days. 

The times I don't run are the times I realize how difficult running can be....and also how difficult life can be. Recently, I told a friend of mine how the grief over the death of my wife doesn't really go away. And just when I actually need to run and pray, I couldn't do it. My friend told me, "For now, just enjoy the love of God for you."

God's love for me! That is it! Why I run is because I experience God's love for me. When the wind is at my back, when I reach the top of the hill, when I run down a hill, that's God's love for me. When I get a second wind, when I swig a drink, when the crowd cheers me on, that's God's love for me. When the homestretch is flat, when I meet a new friend on the course, when I reach the finish line, when I feel the joy of achieving my running goals, that is God's love for me.

Even when life becomes tough and hard to run, and when runs become difficult to do, God's love is there to carry you through. The reason why I get over the slumps in my runs as well as in my life is because God actually picks me up and gets me going again. Yes, running is not easy but I'm willing to do it; so it is with life. So I keep going for I know that God's love will see me through.


  1. Very well put! Thank you for sharing such personal notes. God will continue to bless you and heal you. take care.

  2. I second what Kenley wrote. I think your second to last line sums up things very neatly.