Sunday, April 8, 2012

We Are Made To Move

...otherwise, we would have three legs.

Whether it be walking or running, moving with our two legs is part of our human nature. In fact, our first steps is a major milestone in our human development. Our parents remember just about when we started walking or running in the same way we would remember our children's first steps. We are made to move.

And we are made to move towards something. To arrive at a destination or a goal. Perhaps we are creatures of the future. What propels us to move is something that we look forward to.  Like a vacation. Or a promotion. Or perhaps crossing that finish line of a race you trained long and hard for. Something in the future drives us to keep moving on.

As we celebrate Easter today, we are reminded of this future - a share in the resurrection of Jesus. It is the central message of the Easter story. When Peter and the disciple whom Jesus loved first heard about the news from Mary Magdalene, they ran to see the empty tomb.

Also this Easter, we celebrate that we are made to move. Like the disciples, the news that Jesus had risen  drove them to move - as a matter of fact, they ran to verify the news. This news is now the basis of our Easter faith - to look forward to our own resurrection with Jesus.

When life sometimes wear you down. Look ahead. Believe in what you are made for - to keep moving on.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Very well said, I like the way you incorporated the move into telling the Story of Jesus. Move with your soul. Thanks.