Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Beautiful Run

It was my first run after her death.

I told myself I was going to do it.  When the time came to get ready, I did not hesitate.  I went into our bedroom and wore my gear and laced my shoes.  I paused in between to glance at her side of the bed, took a deep breath, and finished dressing up.  Everything I was doing brought back so much memories.  But then I remembered what she told me in one of my training runs.  "Go and God bless you!  Come and see me as soon as you return.  I love you."

It was beautiful outside.  A warm late afternoon sun came to greet me.  There was a gentle breeze blowing in the quiet neighborhood.  The surroundings seemed so bright and cheery.  Then I slowly took off to run.  I haven't gone too far and I already felt exhilarated.  I kept going and not too long, another runner was approaching and greeted me.  Then shortly afterwards, a second runner came and gave me a happy nod.  In one stretch of the road, a very good friend of mine saw me and literally jumped out of his car and gave me a big hug.  I continued running with a smile in my face.  Then it just came to me - my wife is with me.  She was with me.  It felt humanly real that awareness of her presence as I ran.  I kept going for the next five miles and all I sensed was beauty and grace.

After the run, I drove to the cemetery and went to see her.  It was almost twilight and the day was still beautiful. I stood by her grave marker and looked up the sky. I looked at the horizon and just felt at peace.  I thanked God for the beautiful run. I love you, Love!


  1. she will be missed. but she is with you all the time. she will be your light, your shadow, your angel when you run.

    my mom passed away in 2008 due to complications. she was suffering from breast CA for about 4yrs. it was painful for our family. but we know that she with the Lord.

    im sure my mom will greet your wifey in heaven..

  2. I'm your friend from dailymile. This post brought tears to my eyes and I read it outloud to my husband along with a few things from your wife's cancer journey. He commented and said "wow... how many people have a love like that in their lifetime?" Not many.

  3. This is a beautiful post Jose! I'm glad you are at peace and find comfort in her presence.

  4. I second Michelle - beautiful, and inspirational.

  5. This made me cry Jose..really beautiful.. stay strong..

  6. Sir, I wish I could experience the kind of love you and your wife shares ...