Saturday, March 19, 2011

She Has Crossed the Finish Line

Aura Jane "Jinky" Cumagun
It is with deep sadness that I announce to you the passing of my dearest wife, Aura Jane "Jinky", after a long-fought battle with breast cancer for 11 years.  She was 42.  She was a runner.  She also did a 40-mile walk for breast cancer.  In one of her 10k runs on Father's Day 5 years ago, she had trouble breathing and was coughing a lot.  We found out later that her cancer has spread to her lungs.  But she finished that race!  The cancer also spread to her bones, liver, and brain.  The cancer debilitated her physically but never spiritually.  She still worked out the best she can, believing that she can outlive the disease, with good exercise and eating habits.  She also devoted her remaining years in prayer.  She prayed when she is resting and she conserved energy to be able to go to church.  She also went with me in a lot of my races to cheer me and meet me at the finish line.  Last year, she became weaker and couldn't come to many of my runs.  But she inspired me to take her thoughts, and prayers intentions.  "Just think about me and pray for me as you run," she said.  And thus was born the prayingrunner. 

During her final days, she dug deep.  Every breath was labored.  Her body was exhausted, but she kept going.  Then finally at 1:55 am on March 18th, she crossed the finish line.  She is victorious.  A triumph of the will to live.  And driven by the hope of eternal reward at the end of the race.

I love you so much, Jinky!  I will miss you terribly.  But now, you will not miss a single run or race I will do.  Every road, every hill, every turn, I will see you smiling at me, inspiring me, and praying for me, until one day, you will again meet me at the finish line.


  1. I'm so sorry.

    But you are right - she will watch every mile you run and every race you do.

  2. Jose, I am so sorry to hear this news. You will be in my prayers as I pray for your strength and peace. May your Son find hope in the future that his Mother will be in his heart forever.

  3. You are such a wonderful husband, one of a kind. You did a great job for Jinky. Physically you will be separated but in spirit you will forever be one. What great love. .. .

  4. May God's peace be with you Jose.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. She sounded like such an amazing lady. I hope you can find comfort that she is in a much better place. I will keep you and your son in my prayers as well.