Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Prayer Run

I started at ten minutes past six in the morning with my book of prayer requests and headed out west to St. Anthony's Church at 5.5 miles.  Then I went to the Holy Cross Cemetery at 9.6 miles to visit my wife and pray for her.  I detoured towards home, realizing that I was short of time to make it on time home to be able to drive my son to a practice.  I covered 15 miles total.

This run I prayed for a relative's father-in-law who has Stage 3 lung cancer, a friend's sister who was diagnosed of plastocytoma and who's in severe pain, a former student who has Ewing's Sarcoma of the nerve, and for a little girl who has autism.  I also prayed for my brother who is applying for a job in a university, a good friend who needs a car, a relative who is looking for a job, a former student who is in need of emotional and physical strength, and for a couple who is trying to have a baby for the last 5 years.

Lord, please hear the prayers of your faithful.  In your great compassion, take from us the burden of anxiety, pain, and suffering, and give us rest and comfort.  You know what our hearts desire even before we can ask.  But we come to You in all humility to bring to you our petitions.

Lord, I bring to You these prayers during my run.  It is not I but You who brings healing and provide for our needs.  But I offer to do a sacrifice of running today to bring the needs of my friends to Your feet.  May my running journey and praise be pleasing to You today.

St. Anthony's Church at 5.5 miles

My wife at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery at 9.6 miles

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