Monday, August 8, 2011

Runs End, Running Doesn't

I just completed my 22nd marathon one week ago.  In seven weeks, I will run my 23rd in Half Moon Bay, CA. In October and December, I will do my 24th and 25th, respectively.  By then, I am only halfway towards my goal of 50 marathons by 50 years old. Who know what's my next goal after that?

I started signing up for races in 2004. I began doing 5ks, then 10ks, then half-marathons, then full marathons.  Later on, I just signed up only for full marathons, save for a few favorite 5k/10k family runs. Some friends always ask me if I've done a race recently and what's next.  When I tell them about it, they are always astounded that either I've recently completed one or about to do one.  They seem to be amazed that I've kept running all these years.  Perhaps they thought that doing a race is one of those "I did it, done with that" experience. However, I didn't turn out to be that kind. I became a runner. And for a runner, running doesn't end.

This reminds me of the cliche, "Life goes on." Things happen, events come and go, out with the old, in with the new, goes on.  At every bend and turn, trough and valley, life offers us a growth opportunity.  Life is not a road to nowhere. Life will present to us glory at the end. Have faith, have hope.  Keep going towards the goal.

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