Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let Go - A Thanksgiving Run

Let go...

Anybody who have raised a teenager knows what it means. Anybody who have lost a loved one knows what it means. Anybody who have felt defeated and frustrated knows what it means.

Letting go is accepting that a lot may happen over which you have no control. But an important quality that should go along with the capacity to let go is the belief that everything is going to be fine in God's time.  To happily let go, we need faith.

Let go and let God.

Running has taught me the exhilarating feeling of letting go, while offering my run to God in prayer provides me that feeling of peace and meaning at the end of the run. Many times I get caught up with my training goals that I forget how intuitive and fun running can be. Or that I think too much about my busy day that I forget to be thankful for the time and my ability to run.

This thanksgiving, do a "Let go and let God" run. Start out by putting aside your training log. Then as you begin to gear up for your run, say a prayer offering your run to God. From lacing your shoe to putting on your hat, thank God for everything. Then as you take off, say with a smile, "May my run be pleasing to You, O God." As you are running, repeat and ponder on the words "Let go and let God." Wave or say hello (a silent blessing) to all you meet. Appreciate the beautiful path that leads you out and back home. Then at the end, as you cool down, say a prayer of gratitude for everything God has blessed you this year. Good luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!.. and God speed!

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