Friday, November 11, 2011

49 Miles In Memory of 49 Loved Ones

This is the fourth and fifth part of my All Souls Day Run, remembering and praying for our dearly departed.  I received 45 names to pray for. Including 4 of my own. I am running 49 miles in memory of 49 loved ones.  (More on

By November 2nd, commemorating All Souls Day in the Christian world, I have run 49 miles the last 5 days. (See previous posts.)

For our beloved ones, life has changed, not ended. They are preparing the way for us when our day comes to be reunited with them in eternal life with God. Thus, we can still celebrate our relationship with them as we live our earthly lives.

They are praying for us as much as we pray for them.  And I like to believe that they all helped me finish running 49 miles safely.

Truly, it was my privilege and honor to run in remembrance of your loved ones.

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