Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food for Thought on Your Next Run

Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Our pastor, Fr. Roberto delivered a homily on the feast day of St. Dominic and spoke about how this passage applied to the saint's life.

Fr. Roberto said that St. Dominic walked for miles and miles everyday to pray and preach the gospel wherever he goes. He covered thousands of miles all over Spain, to France, and to Italy. He did this tirelessly for God and with joy. St. Dominic's treasure was nothing else, but his love of God. St. Dominic was called the "Athlete of Christ."

So we could ask ourselves 3 questions:
1. Where is your heart?
2. Do you do things for God?
3. Do you do it with joy?

For your run today, reflect on the following:
1. Do you love running (or walking, or hiking, or biking)? Think of your reasons or motivation for running. There are several reasons why you run perhaps. And if you could clearly name your reasons, that is a good indication that you love running. You see the value of allocating time to run. You may even put a lot more time and regularity to running than others. You are most likely proud to share to others that you run.
2. Do you do it for God? Offer your running time to God. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for being able to run. I could imagine how other people physically unable to run would exchange anything to be able to run freely. As you run, feel the wind, the sun, the ground, the smell, the views. These are all God's creation. They all bring greater glory to God. When you run, offer yourself to God. Ask for guidance to run in His path.
3. Do you do it with joy? Be a cheerful runner. Do a Mother Teresa Run. See Jesus in all the people you meet and say a prayer of blessing. Empty your mind by worrying about nothing, but instead praying for everything. Know that God knows all that we need and that is best for us. God will not forsake us. Accept it with a lot of faith and you will be at peace. Before you run, feel the excitement of being able to free yourself of needless anxieties by offering them to God. Enjoy the run as God wants you to run. Feel refreshed and joyful after your run. Then share the joy to your family and loved ones.

Your run doesn't have to go for miles as St. Dominic did in his walks. But do it tirelessly for God and with joy and it will take you places.

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