Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Run Back

I was not in the mood this afternoon. It was one of those times when I would've said "I need a drink." However, I said, "I need to run." So I geared up, laced my shoes, and went for a run. I called on God to stay with me on this run.

As I set out to run, I visualized myself running back to God. Remember that story about the prodigal son? I pictured myself as the son but with a slight twist. So the story goes the son decided to return to his father's house. However, unlike the prodigal son in the story, I didn't do anything that wasted my life's inheritance. Today, I just felt that I was going towards the wrong direction. Before I got further away from God, I knew I wanted to turn back.

The prodigal son story then goes as soon as the father saw his son from the window, he got out and ran as fast as he could towards his son. In my image, I saw God running towards me. Then I took off running towards him.

I thank God for my prayer run today. It helped me to calm myself and regroup after the run. It helped me to let go and offer my worries and low mood to God. It helped me get back on track. My prayer run today helped me to stop, turn back, and head towards the right direction.

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