Friday, August 6, 2010

Rosary Run

I prayed the rosary as I ran today. I've done it a few times and I can somewhat recite in my head that goes along well with my cadence. Each decade I mark as a marker when I can sip water or wipe my forehead or increase my speed. Praying the rosary as I run always make me feel fulfilled after a run. I offered the rosary for world peace - specially today on the memorial of those who suffered and died on the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6th, 65 years ago.

The other night, my teenage son and I had a discussion about praying the rosary. The last 2 months, we've been praying together the rosary every day as a family. Last night, he sounded off a protest. He proposed to pray only one decade for that night because he said he was feeling tired. My wife said she wants to complete the rosary but if he feels tired, he may leave after a decade. Perhaps feeling embarrassed, he stayed until he the rosary was done.

He went to his room immediately after, but then came out and said he wanted to talk to me. He asked why couldn't we just pray a decade sometimes? Why do we have to say it everyday, and not every other day, or pray something else? Why other things we could adjust or shorten but the rosary we couldn't?

I couldn't give him an answer that would convince him sufficiently and have a realization. I went on to explain a lot of things, but I knew at the end that he just wanted his opinion to be heard and perhaps be actually taken on next time. But the gist of what I told him is that what we want to practice as a family is to pray together for 15-20 minutes everyday. Prayer is what will make us closer and more attuned to God. And the rosary is the best and "easiest" prayer that would lead us closer to Jesus, said her mother Mary. Nonetheless, we could also pray in other ways.

I encouraged him to pray over it. I asked that in his nightly prayers, offer it to God through Mary, the question -- why the rosary. I also suggested to him to talk to his mom who is very devoted to praying the rosary.

Today I pray too that he will get an enlightened answer. Deep in my heart, I know that he will realize why...when he's a little bit older, and will be thankful to his parents that we pray the rosary together everyday.

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  1. It's good to have found your blog and this post a day after we remember Mother Mary's birth (Sept 8)and as we look forward to the Month of the Holy Rosary (October). I am not much of a praying man, but my wife is and she prays the rosary every night before sleeping and whenever she is on a long trip. I sometimes think of my runs as an offering to God though... a testament to my gratitude for this gift he has given me - being able to run like I do at my age. I'm offering my run tomorrow as a prayer for your family especially your wife. May she overcome with God's blessing. My wife is also offering mass intentions for your wife.