Sunday, September 11, 2011

9.11 Miles

9.11 Miles on 9/11.

It has made me think the end purpose of my running. I watched the ceremonies at Ground Zero on TV while running on the treadmill. All the speeches and scenes, especially of the victims, were a picture of love, faith, and hope. These were the answers to the incomprehensibility of the events on 9/11. Why?

I asked myself  a similar question as I ran. What is my running for when the world seemed to have stopped since 9/11. I was about to leave it unanswered until I learned on TV that a few of the firefighters who climbed back up the Towers to save more people were runners, marathoners, athletes. Their running was not in vain.  All the miles they ran helped them to use their stamina, speed, and ability to think on the run when they were needed the most - to save lives.

I'm not a first responder, but as a runner, I can also save lives. The ultimate end of my running is to bring people back to God. That by my praying and running can also allow people to see that there is still love, faith, and hope in the world in spite of the tragedies that befall our lives.

To Kevin and Durell, who lost their lives on 9/11, special prayer intentions from John D, and to all victims and heroes, I honored and remembered you in my prayer run today.

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