Saturday, September 17, 2011

God's Protection

During a rather uneventful out and back run around a small town of approximately 1,500 people, I experienced God's protection. Byron, CA is a farm town southeast of booming Brentwood City. However, it has an old Catholic church established in the 1880's, St. Anne's. St. Anne's is memorable to me because my wife and I got lost for an hour looking for this church. When she was healthier, we went around visiting different parishes doing pulpit talks to invite married couples to attend a Marriage Encounter Weekend.

So today I planned to cover 14.4 miles in all.  Going 7.2 to St. Anne's church and 7.2 back to where I parked my car. I mapped my route carefully to make sure I don't lose my way and to see what road and neighborhood conditions to expect. The last time I drove to Byron was about 7 years ago so the way to St. Anne's would be totally unfamiliar.

I headed out at 7 in the morning. I appreciated the cool gentle headwind. Moreover, I enjoyed traversing the pancake flat asphalt roads. The run to St. Anne's was easy as pie.  I would even say it was boring run except for the noise of the passing cars, trucks, and trailers and the sight of the busy farm workers. So it was rather uneventful until around Mile 10 on my way back. I was praying the rosary and I was at the 4th Glorious mystery when I passed a gated house. I could already hear barking sounds as I got closer to the house, when I saw the dog dashing across the front yard. I wasn't worried since I saw the chicken wire fencing the perimeter of the house. The dog kept running towards me and then it slipped through a small opening and out the street towards me. The next moment the dog was right in front of me! Without hesitation, I jumped off the sidewalk and ran across the road and in front of a passing car. I barely got hit by the car!

I kept running for a few moments then I looked back. The dog was nowhere to be seen and the car simply sped off.  Trying to recall what just had happened, at the last moment, I realized that the dog actually stopped on its tracks about 5 feet just before it could've attacked me and the car screeched to a stop about 5 yards just before it could've hit me. For some reason, I actually felt safe and protected. And I think I know why...I was praying the rosary. I honestly believe God sent his angels to save me today.

I went on my way to finish my run and continued to pray the rosary. I am blessed today to have receive God's special protection.

St. Anne's Catholic Church, Byron, CA at Mile 7.2

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