Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finding God

Today was another long day for me. It's been pretty stressful at work lately. And going home to rest in an empty bed at night doesn't help. I've been longing for my wife's comforting presence especially during these times.

When I went out for a run after work today, I felt the need to find God. As I headed west to a trail running towards the setting sun, I murmured to myself, "God, where are you?" I repeated the question in a rhythm with my slow start up pace. As I went on and picked up the pace, I felt myself wanting to raise my hands in arms and scream, "God, where are you?!"

Just as I was about to do that, I closed my eyes very briefly and took a big, deep breath; then exhaled. I did it again; then again, until I was starting to pay attention to my breathing. I stopped my ranting and found myself calming down and getting into a more comfortable running pace. As I focused on my breathing in and out, in and out, in and out -- two words came to my mind.  "Make room."  I repeated the words as I ran -- one word for every breath in and air out. "Make room."

Then from the quiet trail I was on I came out on a busy street on my way back. But those words lingered on as I  ran along the hustle and bustle of that road..."Make room." Finally I made my way to my neighborhood and it became quiet again.

I was finding God in my run today. But ironically, He found me. The truth is that He's always by me; but He wants me to make room for Him, most especially when life gets busy and hectic. Make room. God is always waiting for us to let Him in.

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