Monday, October 31, 2011

Source of Strength

This is the third part of my All Souls Day Run, remembering and praying for our dearly departed. I received 43 names to pray for. Including 4 of my own, I am running 47 miles in honor and in memory of 47 loved ones.  (More on

As of this writing, with sadness, I am adding a name of dear friend of my wife and I - Frank B., who I just learned of his recent passing from esophageal cancer.  He was a very kind and gentle friend of ours from Marriage Encounter.  He is survived by his wife, Edith, and two older boys.  Frank, I like to think that my wife was there to welcome you up in heaven.

As Christians, it is our belief that our loved ones who have gone before us are preparing us for our own time as well. This means that we are still in communion with our dearly departed. We pray for them as they can pray for us. As I ran today, I prayed and asked for their intercession to help me continue running. Amazingly, I actually felt regaining a second wind in spite of the tiredness and pain I've been feeling the more I run. I have run 37 miles out of 48 miles I pledged to run in time for All Souls Day. 

Other than the 5 that I know, 43 of the names I've been praying for I don't know personally.  But having prayed for them the last 3 days, I feel connected to them and strongly feel that they are also watching over me, like they watch over their own loved ones. In life, even unto death, they are our source of strength.

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