Friday, July 22, 2011

Run to the Cemetery

Nothing else gives me more life than to run to the cemetery and visit my wife's grave.  The route is terrible because it's on a busy road, but the arrival is heavenly.  I reach a wonderful feeling of calm and rest which every long distance runner aspires for at every race.

I like to show you a short music video I created when my wife's headstone was installed a few months ago and also a favorite  verse of mine.  The music is from the Disney-Pixar movie "Up".  It's a story about a man whose dreams of adventure died when his wife died; but eventually found it when he chose to step out of his own limits.  (Please turn up your volume when you play the video.  The sound recording is not very audible. Also in the video is my son arranging the flowers in her headstone.)

          "I will not rest until I rest in Thee." -- Praying Runner

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