Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Notes

My son's note in July 30, 2005
Just sharing with you two love notes my wife and my son wrote to me to inspire me on my marathon.  It was the  San Francisco Marathon in 2005.  We stayed the night in Hyatt Hotel and they slipped the notes in my fuel belt early in the morning before I walked to the start.  My wife lovingly told me to open and read them on Mile 20.

My son's note said, "Dad, you have 6.1 more miles. You can do it!  I love you."  Along with his mom, he did the Progressive Marathon during this event.  He is 14 years old now, an avid runner as well.

My wife's note in July 30, 2005
My wife's note said, "Dear Love, I wish someday I'll be able to run 10k easily, then 1/2 marathon, and then marathon.  Thanks for inspiring me.  Good job, Dad!  Keep running!  -Loves" 

My wife was never able to run a 10k easily, nor a half, nor a full marathon with me.  She did run a 10k in 2006 but it turned out to be a very difficult one.  One month after that 10k, her cancer came back and metastasized.

I ran 19 more marathons in the last 6 years and she and my son gave me their all out support in each of them.  This year, my wife's heath rapidly declined until she passed away on March 18th.  I skipped 2 marathons I registered for that month.  But this time on the 31st of July, I have decided to run the San Francisco Marathon.  This is the first race I will be running without her.  I will miss her terribly, but I know she will be with me.  Like what she told me in her note, I will keep running.  I will not rest until I rest in Thee.  -  Praying Runner.

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