Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Makes You Happy?

My wife's Jinky's artwork in 2005 for her students' project
This is an artwork done by my wife to show her answer to the question above:  What Makes You Happy?  It was a class project for her K-1 students where she asked them to draw their answer to the question above. Then she compiled them into a book form.  This was done in summer of 2005.  I stumbled upon it during my sentimental journey of grieving - cleaning and sorting up my wife's things.  I was immediately struck by her sincerity and astuteness of her answer.  Her artistry also showed her neatness and kind character.  She has simply found one of three secrets to her happiness: her family.  And to complete the other two:  her friends and her faith.

As you can see from the drawing, we were also a running family.  And borrowing (and modifying) the famous slogan of Fr. Patrick Peyton of the Family Rosary Crusade:  "A family that prays (and runs) together, stay together."

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