Saturday, July 30, 2011

For You

In honor and memory of Jinky 1968-2011
I have mixed emotions about running tomorrow. Like the San Francisco course, my feelings go up and down. I feel excited about doing my 22nd marathon; but I feel sad that I will run without my beloved wife for the first time. I already missed two paid-for marathons in Napa and Oakland.  I was just too devastated to go out of the house for a run.

But you see the picture above. I have my bib number and I will brave the full marathon tomorrow. The pink carnation I will hold in my hand the entire race in her honor and memory. She fought her battle against breast cancer with a lot of courage, so shall I go out and give it my all even though I am undertrained. She didn't sign up to get cancer and suffer, so why should I complain about the pain tomorrow. This race is for you, Jinky. Like the San Francisco Marathon slogan, this is definitely worth the hurt.

God bless all runners in the San Francisco race. And in solidarity, may I invite you to go out and offer your run, walk, or workout tomorrow in prayer for the sick and the suffering who are unable to enjoy the blessings of physical activity...for strength and healing.


  1. Go Sir Joey! We are praying with you!

  2. Hope the run went well..and the hurt wasn't too deep.

  3. You are an awesome person... Glad that you are feeling like getting out to run again :-)