Monday, October 10, 2011


My aunt suggested to bring my wife, who was on intensive cancer treatments then, to do a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I would have loved to but I just couldn't afford it.  Knowing the healing miracle that could happen if we visit the Holy Land, I prayed to God at that time to give us the blessing of a pilgrimage, if He so willed it.

Well, I was never able to take her to do a pilgrimage. I felt disappointed at myself that I couldn't bring her to the Holy Land; but I promised that I would take her to visit as many as we can, churches she hasn't been to and pray together. So while she was healthy enough, I took her somewhere close, to the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, CA. This was the first church I took her, it would also be her last.

Today I ran 4.6 miles and visited the Cathedral. I tearfully reminisced the time we were here. I prayed and stayed here longer than usual, then I headed out to continue my run.

She is no longer with me physically, but I always think about her in all my prayer runs and to all the churches  I visit in my runs. After all this time, I am now able to take her on a pilgrimage.

Our Lady of Lourdes in Oakland, CA at Mile 2.6

Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, CA at Mile 3.6

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