Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Praying for Marriages

During my pilgrimage run last Saturday, I saw six different couples either walking or running. I ran 11 miles mostly on paved trail. So that’s about one couple for every 2 miles. That's not a lot, but that was enough to communicate to me a clear message. Finding the time to run or walk together can help in your relationship. There was one study I read that the couples who run together communicate the best and are the happiest than those couples where only one of them runs. One can argue that running is a solitary activity; so it wouldn’t work effectively for couples. But this is totally untrue. Running together is really a good time to support each other and share some precious time with one another.

The other night I went to a dinner dance that my wife and I attended for several years in a row. This year I courageously attended the event by myself for the first time. A big group of our married couple friends came in force to support me. Of course I was very sad, hurting, and crying inside the whole time. I tried to hide my true feelings because I didn’t want to spoil the night for my friends. The whole time while listening to the music and watching other couples dance, I reminisced the fun times that we had last year at the dance. How my wife loved to dance; and she danced even if she felt weak. I went on longing for her the whole evening until the band finished playing their last number. I was sitting alone at a table, when the bright lights were turned on, and there appeared in front of me a sea of beautiful couples dancing, embracing, holding hands, looking at each other lovingly, and celebrating the moment. At that instant, I felt the urge to pray for couples, especially for marriages. “Dear God, bless these couples and their marriages. May they find joy and love in their relationship, and most of all, strive to keep God always in their marriage.” My sadness actually disappeared after I prayed. I realized I wasn’t alone in the midst of all these couples, but my wife was with me in spirit. Death may have separated us, but our love for each other remains forever.

My wife always prayed for good marriages, including ours. It was just fitting that when I made my pilgrimage run today to see those six couples. It was really heartwarming to see them walk or run together. As soon as I saw the first couple, I dedicated my run in prayer for all marriages and to ask for the grace to make them instruments of God’s love to the world.

Finally I also prayed for special prayer requests.  For Lisa A.'s son and his relocation decision making, and for her personal intentions.  For Larissa O.'s running group's successful training and also for her personal intentions.  I brought your prayer requests with me as I ran and pray all the way to the two churches I visited to pray as well.

Christ the King Church in Plesant Hill, CA at Mile 5.2

Queen of All Saints Church in Concord, CA at Mile 10.8


  1. Thank you and I think you have a beautiful mission unfolding through your suffering and your prayer running. I always pray for you for grace during this time of suffering and I always ask your wife to help me run. God bless! Lisa

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa! Thank you. Your words also inspire to keep going.