Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Be With Her

Last Sunday, I ran to be with her.

Today, I pray to God to help me to carry on. In as much as I feel fulfilled to keep her memory alive as I run, I must also keep on going for the sake of all the people for whom I shall pray during my runs. To my readers, I humbly ask for your prayers for me - for strength to move forward.

I also ask to continue sending me your prayer requests or to share my ministry to others.  My hope is to bring hope to people who need prayers. And also if you are so inspired, join me if so possible, or in spirit, to run and pray with me for the prayer requests received.

Here's the Tiffany necklace from the Nike Women's Marathon 2011.
It is for you with all my love!


  1. I saw you run by me around mile 19 maybe and I had come across your blog before and wanted to shout out but couldn't manage to! Very inspirational.